Weekly read Wednesday


Happy October one and all. And happy Wednesday. It is time for my weekly readathon, so here are the articles I have enjoyed most this week. Happy reading.

I am still reeling from seeing Jason Mraz in concert last week (which I spoke about here), so I thought I would include some words from the man himself. How to remove headache stains is a stream of consciousness covering issues of global warming, consumerism, the devolution of man, poverty, veganism, spirituality…basically all the day-to-day concerns that go with being a human being in the twenty first century. Jason Mraz works with words and expression daily and I think it is clear to see how his ease with words translates into his prose.

Last week I shared an article which resounded with a lot of people (The Do-Something Principle) so when I read this next piece I knew I had to share it. It is almost the sequel to last week's article. It can often seem that while we are striving for success, happiness becomes part of that goal; "once I have achieved this, I will be happier," but one man's research suggests that this theory works the other way around. New Harvard research reveals a fun way to be more successful.

The last article I am going to share this Wednesday is an important piece about you and the love of your life; your smartphone. This was recorded for radio so you can either listen to the discussion or read the transcription via the link (it's 18 minutes long). As much as technology is amazing, this article addresses how flipping between apps and tasks can be detrimental our brains. The Myth of Multitasking is an eye opener.