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Three articles to feed your mind and your wallet this week. 

The first topic to feast your eyes and mind on is football. Don't be too shocked at my promotion of the beautiful game (which I have no idea about). This article is far from my knowledge of the off-side rule or Cristiano Ronaldo's torso.
 My good friend Sanaa is involved with Football Beyond Borders; a charity that uses the power of football to tackle inequality and provide opportunities for young people to achieve their goals and make their voices heard. Last month, football manager, Malky Mackay was called out for sending sexist, racist, homophobic and anti-semitic texts. Sanaa's response to the League Managers' Association's statement on the matter is bang on point and her words resound further than the stadium. What the LMA statment on Mackay demonstrates about the wide problems in football.

Next up, money. Money matters can be hard. If you're one to find yourself desperate for pay day at the end of every month, A Thrifty Mrs has a fantastic blog full of ideas to help you make the most of the money you have, with the hopes of leaving you with a little left on the side.
Saving isn't fun. It means budgeting and sacrifice, but that usually means you have something nice to look forward to; a holiday, a new coat, a car, a house, retirement! 
The less fun (but more essential) aspect of scrimping, is the saving for an "emergency fund." Money set aside for if the worst happens. I recently read that this fund should be around 3 times the amount of your essential monthly out-goings. So if you spend £1,200 a month on mortgage or rent, food, bills and other things you can’t live without (easily done in London), you should aim for £3,600 in emergency savings. If you just started to sweat or simply laughed out loud at this figure, here are 5 reasons a money saving lifestyle may not be working for you and the simple actions to take to change that.

Your next big life-changing breakthrough is already happening. Give this next article the benefit of the doubt. If read all the way through, I believe it's an article that can provide encouragement and motivation to us all. 
 It is easy to rely on the anticipation of that "breakthrough moment" as a validation of why we accept things as they are and still complain about them. There is more to success, and more to life, than that. You are on your journey to greatness. Right. Now.

Finally, here is a gif of a naughty guardsman...

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