Berry and Date Smoothie

Berry, date and pecan smoothie

Most of my smoothie concoctions always end up green and while there is plenty of goodness to be had from greens, it's nice to mix things up a bit. Recently I have been enjoying this delicious berry and date smoothie that tastes even better than it looks.
This smoothie is so sweet and creamy, it's perfect for a replacement dessert or afternoon snack. Instead of reaching for the biscuit tin, spend three minutes whizzing this baby up and I promise your sugar cravings will be fulfilled. Honestly, it tastes so good, it's hard to believe it's healthy. But it is! One glass is jam packed with important nutrients and food groups. The almond milk provides protein, while the pecans are full of healthy fats. Then from the spinach, berries and date combined, you'll be full of fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. This smoothie is proof that healthy eating doesn't have to taste like soil or cardboard. 

Smoothie ingredients

To make this smoothie you will need;

- a handful of spinach

- two handfuls of mixed berries

- 6 - 8 pitted dates

- a handful of pecans

- almond milk


Spinach, berries and dates

Pecans and almond milk

You can use any type of dates for this recipe, just make sure they're all pitted. I've also used frozen mixed berries, but any type of fresh or frozen berry will do, so long as there are two large handfuls off them. That's what gives this smoothie it's great colour. If you can't process nuts in your blender, not to worry. Leaving out the pecans won't make much difference to the taste.


Pop all of the ingredients together, blend them up and enjoy your creamy, nutritious healthy fix.

NutriBullet smoothie
 Red smootie

This is one for all the smoothie non-believers to try. I promise you, after tasting this you'll be converted.


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