Weekly read Wednesday

Weekly read Wednesday

It's Wednesday again and here are my favourite reads to stimulate your brain juices this week.

It's hard to know what we should be eating when so many fad diets and superfoods are constantly thrown at us. The marketing of food products can be very misleading. The "vitamin and mineral enhanced" or "low in fat" products sound like they're good for us, but are they actually benefiting our bodies? In her article "Ten 'healthy' foods you should avoid," Rebecca Fredricks discusses the foods that are marketed as healthy and what they're actually doing for us.

How to be Alone.  I love time by myself. Maybe because I grew up in the middle of nowhere or it could be because I'm an only child or perhaps it's just the way I'm wired. For whatever reason, I know I need some substantial time by myself each week, otherwise I get antsy. Time by myself feels like a reboot. It's in this time by myself that I find most clarity and feel most inspired. However, society doesn't seem to promote healthy time alone. In fact, it often seems to do the complete opposite. The lives of socialites and extroverts are the lives that the media tells us we should be aspiring to have. We are so high-praising of the bold and the social butterflies that solitude seems alien or even bad to some of us. This article covers the rhyme and reasons behind why human's benefit from time alone, but why it is a source of great anxiety for so many of us.

Finally, how a password changed my life; a heart-warming and inspirational story from a man who combined his life's to-do list with his passwords. Each time he typed his password, it was a reminder that helped him materialise his goals. 


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