Working (and Playing) from Home

When moving into a new place, making yourself feel at home is a huge priority. Settling in can include a great a number of things; getting pictures up on the walls, putting your all-time favourite bedding on your new bed or finding the perfect sofa-coffee table-television distance ratio. Sometimes it's the smallest things that can make you feel at home in a new space.

I moved into number 2 nearly three months ago and whilst making myself feel at home has been hugely important, I am starting to long for an area dedicated to organisation and structure. As much as a home is your place to eat, sleep and play, it's nice to have a designated area just for work.

By work, I don't necessarily mean work work. You don't have to work from home to warrant an office space. Sometimes you just need somewhere to get shit done.

For me, this place will probably end up being in the main living space. At the minute, we are still without a dining table and chairs (mainly because we love our cardboard boxes and the floor so much) so I spend most of my time working on the sofa. Now, I am a big advocate of my wonderful sofa, it is a thing of beauty, but sometimes its comfiness is so off the scale that it can hinder productivity. 

I also believe that working in your bedroom is a big no-no. It's an unhealthy habit that can lead to a downward spiral of laziness and insomnia. How can you ever expect your mind to shut off at night when you're lying in the exact same place where you spent your day glued to your laptop surrounded by word documents, to-do lists and a family sized bag of Doritos?

Home officeHome office

As we move into autumn, it feels very appropriate to be finding inspiration for spending worthwhile time indoors. Hopefully, we can all find our own little somewhere at home that will inspire productivity as the days become shorter and the temperature drops.

Home officeHome office

Office in nookOffice in cupboard

I love that even if you're pushed for space, you can still create a work area. An office doesn't have to be an entire room. The two pictures above show just how easily a workspace can be created in a nook or a built-in cupboard. 

Work space at home

Work space at homeHome office

As always, the inspiration in the post has come from my findings on Pinterest. If you are also on Pinterest and have any recommendations for boards to follow, please let me know. And if you don't have Pinterest, well done. You probably have an extra two hours of free time in your week than I do. 

Have a great Sunday.


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