Green dreams: Outdoor spaces

When looking for a home, there will be a number of things that people definitely want from a property. It is helpful to create a list of what you undeniably require and then a seperate list of things that you want, but would be happy to compromise on (thank you, Kirstie and Phil). Affordabilty, location and safety are, more often than not, on the definites list. Factors that we will compromise on can be varied; does the property have parking or an outdoor space? What transport links and local amenities are nearby? How many bedrooms does it have and what size are they? Does the property need work or could I move in straight away? The list goes on.

Having an outdoor space of my own was something I would have loved, but knew I wouldn't be able to afford if I wanted to live within Zones 3 and 4. However, I've ended up in a property with a communal garden area that I share with 7 other properties. It's not much, but I feel lucky to have even the smallest bit of green in London.

So while I've been dreaming up ideas for the flat, I've been planning to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside. I love nature and am happiest when I'm in the open air, surrounded by green. Not only do plants looks nice, they keep us alive; feeding our lungs and our appetites. Having plants inside a home can only be a positive thing.

I am currently picking out succulents and window boxes, but I will always be dreaming of my own little bit of outdoor space in the city. Maybe in five years time...

City gardenGarden in the city

Outdoor industrial areas don't need to be limiting; plenty of green can grow up walls or in pots.

Even the smallest of balconies can be green. Small spaces aren't just limited to growing flowers. They can house your own herbs and vegetables.

Roses around front doorPlant pots on outside wall

Our green progress will be documented shortly, but for now you'll find us in some of London's best garden centres.


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