Beating the Monday Blues

Monday, Monday. At some point or another, we all have a tricky relationship with that first day of the week. Whether it's because you're up early to start your working week all over again or because you've promised yourself that this would be the Monday where that new exercise plan would start (for real this time), we've all probably felt that sense of dread on a Sunday evening when reality beckons. And hey, if you're freelance you probably experience this struggle every day of the week, not just on Mondays. It all comes down to the thought of fun times ending and getting back to the daily grind, but I've come to realise that it doesn't have to be so hard. It can, in fact, be enjoyable. Here are some little reminders to keep yourself on track for a happy Monday.
Beating the Monday Blues

Utilise Sunday night. We all know it makes sense, but how often do we actually do the following? 

1. Pack your bag. No-one wants to start their week with stress, so save yourself the time by checking for your keys, wallet and oyster card the night before.

2. Choose an outfit. Monday morning is not the time for floor-drobing. Pick something out that makes you feel good and lay it out ready. Wearing one of your favourite outfits will give you a confidence boost that can jumpstart you into the right mindset to positively face Monday's challenges. 

3. Make a plan for the day. If you actively spend the time to write down what you want to accomplish on Monday, then you're more likely to stick to it and bring your plans into fruition.

4. Get enough sleep. An early night will prepare you to face Monday as a spritely, decisive nymph rather than a self-loathing, lethargic zombie. 

Set your alarm early. It may sound counter intuitive but losing half an hour in bed can actually be beneficial in overcoming the Monday blues. It is very tempting to set your alarm for the last possible moment, but you're not going to be fresh at work when you arrive having only been awake for 60 minutes.

A stonking breakfast. Start the day right with some good fuel. Indulge, but not too much. Eat your favourite eggs on toast or have a breakfast smoothie. You don't want start the week with beating yourself up because you ate a creme egg for breakfast.

A mindful morning. Use your extra half and hour positively and allow yourself the time to experience the day. Have a bit of me time, do some exercise, walk the dog, meditate, take the scenic route to work. You'll feel calmer for not multi-tasking eating breakfast and doing your hair. And you're hair will probably look better too. Less porridgy. 

An attitude for gratitude. Smile and think positive thoughts! It helps. If you're waking up to do what you love, remember how lucky your are. And allow yourself to have fun with your day. Having a Monday morning playlist or allowing yourself some social time before you start your working day can make all the difference. Do your best not to complain and when you're around others, don't get pulled in by their negativity. Creating or contributing to a culture of complaining will not alleviate the Monday blues. 

Keep Monday's pressures light. Keep your schedule as clear as feasibly possible so if something else comes up, you aren't overloaded. Non-urgent things can wait for Tuesday or Wednesday.

Look forward to something. Plan your weekend, organise a Monday night dinner with pals or book yourself in for mid-week a massage. Something to be excited about is a great distraction from the thought of another working week.

Pay it forward. Spread your own Monday joy and make someone else happy. You can give a compliment to a stranger or bring in treats for your colleagues. Being a source of positivity in the workplace will make Monday better for you and the people around you.

And remember... 

You have as many hours in a day as Beyonce

If other people are out there having a fantastic Monday, so can you.


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