Weekly read Wednesday


Happy Wednesday. We're back in business. My top three weekly reads are below for my first post of 2015. Happy new year and happy reading.

So I saw The Theory of Everything. Yes it was worth the hype. And yes, it was emotional. An inspiring story with beautiful performances from Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones. With the story of Stephen Hawking's life portrayed on screen, we are reminded of his vast success despite the odds. While his achievements are inspiring, we can sometimes feel intimidated by unbelievable success in such adverse circumstances, but Owen Jones reminds us that greatness is never achieved alone in every great individual stands on the shoulders of others

The new year is a time for resolutions and for a new outlook, but it can be hard to keep on track. Many of us turn to the old fashioned list to keep us organised and on track in the new year. A great idea and more beneficial that you thought. Here are 5 powerful ways that lists are great for you brain.

This last one is just for laughs. Women vs Sharks; statistics on shark deaths made Sara Pascoe wonder if sharks were sexist bellends.


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