Top five planners and calendars

New year, new start. If you are starting off 2015 with the best intensions and wanting to make those resolutions stick, having somewhere to plan and document them can be very helpful.

Using a diary or calendar to make note of your progress can keep you motivated and keep your plans on track. Here are my top five planners and calendars for 2015.

Wall Calendar

For someone who loves typography, this poster like calendar is perfect for pinning above a desk to keep you on track for 2015. Plus, it has copper embossing and we all know how I feel about copper. Buy it here.

Cities Calendar
Cities By Rooftop CalendarWhether you have a unsettled wanderlust or you are a fan of these watercolour illustrations, this calendar would sit pretty in any room on the house. You can purchase it from Idlewild Co.

Printable calendar

This one is free! You can download and print each month from the eye spy milk bar. Print it and place it on a clipboard or pin it to a cork board and you're done.

Personalised Diary


Etsy is full of handmade and personalised diaries. This simple, bag-sized diary can be found here and it's more than just a diary. It is somewhere to set your goals, keep you inspired and keep you organised.

Daily Greatness Journal

Daily Greatness JournalDaily Greatness Journal

The final (and my personal) choice is the daily greatness journal. Similar to the diary above, it aims to keep you inspired and organised, but this is the souped up version. Less of a diary and more of a journal, it is perfect for those who have very specific goals to achieve. Maybe you're training for a sporting event or starting a new business venture. You can keep yourself on track with the weekly and quarterly check-ins, keep yourself motivated with the progress log and remain inspired with the colourful illustrations and quotes.

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you welcome in 2015 in style.


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