I'm currently into all things copper, especially in the home. Ever since I had my heart set on the flat after my first viewing, I've secretly been decorating it in my head. Now that it's mine, I feel I can indulge my furnishing plans without jinxing anything. 

The flat is an original Georgian property that has been renovated and converted into flats, so I'm looking to compliment both the contemporary and the traditional features of the building. I thought an industrial metallic feel would work well in the living room and kitchen. Below are ideas on how to include metallic accents in a room whilst keeping the warmth and softness you'd want in living space. 

Copper vaseCopper dining

Copper plant potCopper lamp shade

Copper shelvesCopper lamp

Copper hangerCopper pots

There was a crazy moment when I almost bought this copper pan set from Lakeland, but when the figures started passing the £200, I sensibly dropped that dream. 


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