At just three weeks in, our walls are still bare. Buying furniture has been a bigger priority than finding nice things to decorate the walls. However, our first edition to the wall is here. The cork board! But this is no ordinary cork board. Oh no. After having a little vision and some acrylic paint, I think I've ended up with something practical yet pretty.

Here are some images from Pinterest that inspired my DIY moment.

DIY CorkboardDIY corkboard

DIY corkboardDIY corkboard

Pretty corkboardDIY corkboard

Pretty corkboardPretty corkboard

As I already mentioned here, we plan to have copper accents running through the kitchen and living space. So when we picked up this cork board from Argos, I also got some cheap acrylic paint and brushes from WH Smith.

Corkboard DIY

I got a bit creative and I'm very glad that I spent the extra 30 minutes to transform my cheapo cork board into a sexy coppery marvel (ish).

DIY Corkboard

Now all it needs is to be attached to the wall and for things to be pinned to it. More photos to come.

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