Copper Feel

Further progress in the living room with smaller purchases, all of which are copper. Surprise! There are some sweet deals in H&M Home; mainly cushion covers and smaller home accessories, but all fairly cheap.

Copper candle sticks

Copper candle sticks
Candle-less candle sticks

H&M copper home
Sugar and tea pots and paper tray, also from H&M
Katharine got us a fantastic moving in present from Anthropologie. Anthropologie has some amazing home products, but a majority of them are ridiculously over priced, so getting Katharine's gift has been a real treat.

Anthropologie copper measuring jugs

Copper measuring jugs

Anthropologie copper measuring cups
Copper measuring cups

My DIYcorkboard is now on the kitchen wall and in use!

DIY corkboard

More home purchases coming soon. Until then, you can now follow WHAT IS THIS LIFE on bloglovin. 


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