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Got no plans this Wednesday evening now that the Great British Bake Off episode is over? Here are three insightful reads that I have found this week. 

First up, we have 12 Things White People Can Do Now Because Ferguson. Pretty self explanatory, but Sanaa put it quite eloquently; white people looking for lists? this is for you. "If you don't make a purposeful choice to become a white ally and actively work to dismantle the racist system running America for the benefit of white people then it becomes your shame you are white and black lives matter."

 Next is 7 Things I Learned from 1 Year without Alcohol found through themindunleashed.org. Having always been more partial to a peppermint tea of an evening anyway,  I recently made the mindful decision to significantly reduced the amount of alcohol I drink; initially for the physical benefits, there have been further differences in my now (almost) alcohol-less months. This article gives an insight to the benefits of a life without the booze.

And finally, more of a twitter recommendation rather than a read. The Advice Mallard (@AdviceMallards) has been entertaining and informing me for almost two years now.  Offering helpful (and sometimes hilarious) advice.

Advice Mallard


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